The case for communication in sustainable development

By Panos Institute - 2007

This paper addresses the challenge of using communication more powerfully as an agent of change to establish faster, more sustainable development. After a short chapter setting out the context, The case for communication explores the roles information and communication processes play in all of the key elements that foster development: first, in equitable and inclusive political processes; second, in national and international governance processes that are effective, responsive and accountable; third, in supporting engaged citizens and dynamic civil society; fourth, in generating inclusive economic growth, sustainable livelihoods and transparent, efficient and equitable markets; fifth, in establishing and protecting a free, pluralistic media environment in which media outputs are many and diverse but also of high quality.

Panos London (2007). PDF.


By Panos Institute| 2007


Communication rights enable all people everywhere to express themselves individually and collectively by all means of communication. They are vital to full participation in society and are, therefore, universal human rights belonging to every man, woman, and child.


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