The Camden Principles on Freedom of Expression and Equality

By Article 19 - 2009

On April 23, 2009, ARTICLE 19 launched The Camden Principles on Freedom of Expression and Equality in Geneva, Switzerland. The Principles reaffirm the perspective that the rights to freedom of expression and equality are mutually supportive rights that play a vital role in safeguarding human dignity, ensuring democracy and promoting international peace and security.

It is expected that the document will promote e greater global consensus about the relationship between respect for freedom of expression and the promotion of equality. The ground breaking document will guide legislators, policy-makers and civil society in balancing the rights to freedom of expression and equality.

Difficulties and challenges have often been faced by governments and activists alike when attempting to strike the right balance between free speech and non-discrimination The Principles address such difficult issues as hate speech, the role of the mass media in combating discrimination, and the right of reply. and they counter the disproportionate focus on the tensions between the two rights and the often heard suggestions that the realization of the right to freedom of expression is incompatible with the realization of the right to equality. PDF (English).

مبادئ كامدن حول حرية التعبير والمساواة

Principes de Camden sur la liberté d’expressionet l’égalité


Los Principios de Camden Sobre La Libertad de Expresión y la Igualdad

By Article 19| 2009
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Communication rights enable all people everywhere to express themselves individually and collectively by all means of communication. They are vital to full participation in society and are, therefore, universal human rights belonging to every man, woman, and child.


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